Keeping Houston Smiling is our community coming together to protect the health of our next generation, our greatest generation, and all those in between. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in our water, but increasing it by a tiny amount provides lifelong benefits to oral health.

  • Oral health has a deep impact on overall health, and especially on heart health.
  • Healthy teeth keep kids learning in school and saves money on medical bills.
    • It’s about $156 to have a cavity filled in Missouri.
    • Crowns cost about $950 each.
    • Replacement teeth are $2838 each.
  • Can you think of better ways to spend that money? Us, too!
So what’s next? You can help keep Fluoride in our water in the following ways: Thanks for your help with this important work, we look forward to being in touch soon about how you’ve signed on to help!